Scout Unit Websites

A Scouts Online website will attract new members, promote your activities and show off your photos.

Scouts Online websites are custom built for you with your Unit details, Scouting information and on-brand content.

The intuitive platform has custom-built tools for UK Scouting to keep your website up to date and relevant, without using a lot of your valuable time. We'll even update default on-brand messaging, images, links and videos for you.


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Pick Your Solution
Your Initial Website Build
Manage Content

From day-one, we'll work with you to provide a website that meets your needs. We'll project manage any page design or software work and supply a website that works for you.

We don't charge for the initial website build, consultancy or regular updates - just a comprehensive monthly charge, with no hidden extras.

Create & Edit Pages

Create your own mobile-friendly pages. Edit website text, images, tables, links, notice boards, videos and more.

It's simple for beginners and flexible for seasoned website designers.

...and we're on-hand to help you out whenever you want.

Edit Page Content
Showcase your Adventures
Events News Gallery

Unit Events, News and Photo Albums are listed across your site.

Tick 'Show In Banners' and the event or news article will be promoted in the image banner at the top of the relevant pages.

Custom Built for UK Scouts
Scout contact forms; dynamic images with neckerchief colours; badge images with links to; and more.

Group and Section admin pages to add units, change meeting times, add social media feeds, etc.

Team lists sorted by Scouting role.

Custom Built Features
Low Maintenance & On-Brand

Scouts Online websites come with UK Scout branding and pre-defined default content.

We'll maintain default on-brand messaging, images, resource links + add future colour schemes and page layouts.

Events News Gallery
Free Trial

We're convinced that you'll love your Scouts Online website, so we'll setup a FREE evaluation website for you to try.

The website will be pre-built with rich Scouting content and your Unit details. If you have any specific requirements, use cases or initiatives, just ask.

You may personalise your trial website and show it off to your Leaders and Trustees.

Simply choose the package level, from the table below, that best suits your Unit and click the [Free Trial] button. We'll usually have a site built for you within a day or two.

Integrates with OSM Integrates with Online Scout Manager Extensive Integration with Online Scout Manager

Programme, Waiting List, Badge Progress, Patrol Points, Flexi-Records

Select a Package Level

Click 'Free Trial' to order a no-obligation trial website.

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Free Website Build

Help Desk & Hosting

Personalise Your Website

Create pages and change standard page content

More Standard Pages

Hall Bookings, History and Find Us streetview image

Social Media Feeds & Likes

Programme Events, News, Blogs & Photo Albums

Online Scout Manager

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